Choosing a Personal Trainer


Working with a personal trainer can boost your motivation and help you achieve your fitness goals. But with so many options to choose from, how do you find the right trainer to suit you? Here’s a few key points to consider when choosing a trainer;

One to One or Group Training

This is one of the first questions you should ask yourself in searching for a trainer. One to One training gives you 100% of the trainer’s time and allows them to watch every exercise you perform to correct your form or encourage you. It is ideal for beginners who need guidance on performing each new exercise. The downside of One to One training is the cost, with sessions typically starting from €30 upwards. 

A great alternative is group training, where the trainer will typically work with 3-4 clients at a time. This greatly reduces the costs of the session. Training alongside other clients can also be motivating and fun, allowing you to gauge your progress against your training partners. Sessions typically last 30  – 90 minutes and cost about a third of the price of a solo session.

If you’re just starting out in the gym and would like to learn how to perform exercises and workout effectively, One to One training will help you achieve this in a matter of weeks. If you already have some experience in the gym and are looking for guidance and motivation, group training will likely tick the boxes and fit your budget.

Public Gym or Studio

Are you looking for a trainer to work with you in your existing gym? Or would you prefer a private training studio ? Working with a trainer in your existing gym means you will gain experience with the equipment available to you after you complete your training program. It’s especially useful if you just want a few training sessions to get yourself familiarised with the exercises and equipment in your gym.

However, you might find that waiting for equipment to be free or the number of people watching your session may put you off. In this case you should look for a trainer with their own studio. Many trainers group together and work from a private studio which caters only to their clients. This means there will be a limited number of people in the studio and equipment will be free when you need it. The only downside is a smaller selection of equipment and facilities in most private studios.

Price Range

It’s important to make sure that the trainer you choose fits your budget. If their training is too pricey then you’re likely to drop off after a few sessions. Discounts can often be found by buying sessions in bulk (eg. Buy 10 sessions for €200 instead of €25 per session) or joining a studio with a monthly fee that allows you to attend as many classes as you like. If you’re on a tight budget then finding a good group trainer is likely your best bet. If it’s in your price bracket then higher end trainers who provide tailored training solutions are available also.


Before choosing a trainer, it’s a good idea to check that they have a Personal Training qualification. This ensures that they have the knowledge and training to give you the best experience. You can check the REPS Ireland register for exercise professionals to see if they have a qualification approved by them. It’s possible that they have a training qualification which is not approved by REPS Ireland or they simply haven’t registered with them either. In this case, you can check their website which will often state their qualifications or ask them to let you know what training they have.

Reading reviews of the trainer or talking to friends who have trained with them is also a great way to decide if they area good fit for you.

Finding a Trainer

To help you find the right trainer, we have gender, price and training venue filters on the Personal Trainer page and to the right of your search results.

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