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I have been asked many times how I got into personal training and its quite simple. Like so many others I was a member of a gym for many years. I trained 5 times a week, tackled the machines in the gym and did 4-5 spin classes a week. I spent on average 2 – 3 hours a night in the gym and ate what I was led to believe was a ‘healthy and balanced’ diet yet I still wasn’t happy with how I looked. I suppose some people would have told me I was lucky as I was just tipping under 8 stone (50kg) on the scales but in reality I was what I like to call a ‘skinny fat’ person. I had a small frame with flabby arms and a pot belly.  A proper little pouch. I had zero muscle tone, zero strength and I stored fat in all the wrong places. Though no matter how many extra training sessions I threw in, no matter how much fat I cut out of my diet I just couldn’t shift the excess body fat and as for that toned athletic physique I was looking for . . . forget about it. I lost all motivation and was on the verge of completely giving up, chalking this whole fitness thing down to a complete and utter swizz.

A friend of mine had spoken highly of Bryan to me before, about the training methods he uses and the results he achieves. Truth be told I don’t even know what pushed me into sending him an email that day but I am thankful to this day that I did.  Idle curiosity maybe, the desire to look and feel better or just to try and figure out where I had been going wrong for so long. Either way that 2 line email I sent off turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and was a huge turning point in my life. I arranged to meet Bryan and one of his personal trainers Cillian for a no obligation consultation that same week. The consultation alone answered so many of my questions and not so much highlighted what I had been doing wrong for so long – it was more like a flashing beacon to be fair – but let me know that these guys really knew what they were talking about. Everything they said regarding training and nutrition made sense.  The penny dropped. For starters my diet was so far off kilter it was ridiculous. I like so many others was led to believe that fat is the enemy and spent most of my day choking down dry chicken and lettuce leaves all in the name of beauty. My training also left a lot to be desired. Little did I realise that the more cardio I was doing the more fat I was storing.  I was in fact my own worst enemy.


I started training with my trainer Cillian and within 4 weeks I saw differences in my body that despite my best efforts over the previous two years I never came close to. The pouch got smaller and I started to see my whole physique change. When other people start noticing the changes – that’s when you know its the real deal. The training was unlike anything I had ever tried before. But it worked. Cillian went through my diet with me in detail not only advising me what I should be eating but WHY I should be eating it. That to me was the most important part. If you understand something you are far more likely to stick to it. He explained to me how the training I was doing was going to change my whole appearance which kept me motivated throughout. And like I said everything just made sense. Its not rocket-science but it is a science after all :o)


To complete my story I went off and qualified as a personal trainer myself. I spent so long banging my head against a wall, googling this that and the other looking for the answers, trying to get results. But it was pointless. I now want to help others the way Bryan and Cillian helped me.  There are thousands of people, male and female who have or will find themselves in a similar position to me two years ago. I want to show them that with the right training, nutrition, help and support they can achieve their goal. You never have to settle. Like I said at the start of this blog, that 2 line email I sent to Bryan that day became a huge turning point in my life. Now I can become a turning point for you.  Avoid all the pitfalls, block out all the nonsense and do it the right way. Live it-Learn it. It’s that simple.


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